Everybody wants to know my why. I want to know why

Growing up in Tampa, Florida, my journey is a testament to the unexpected turns life can take. Raised by my mom, a true fashion queen and stylist, and with my Puerto Rican roots from my absent DJ father, I found myself navigating a world shaped by adversity.

Tragedy struck early when my mom succumbed to a brain aneurysm, throwing me into the idea of manhood. Faced with familial strife fueled by strict religious values, I stood alone after defending my sister against an unjust situation.


The Story

Separated from my brother in Puerto Rico, raised by our father, a successful lawyer, I recognized the disparities life dealt us. Love brought joy but also heartbreak, a chapter of my life publicly unfolded on the renowned show Judge Mathis – not my proudest moment.

The Purpose

Surviving a gunshot wound, I emerged with a newfound resilience. It was in 2009 that I turned to rap, pouring my experiences into verses. Troubled times persisted until September 1, 2015 – the birth of my daughter marked the turning point. Becoming a father again in 2013, I embraced the responsibility, steering my life towards unimaginable transformations.


My journey, fraught with hardship, echoes the underdog spirit, and through my music as CheckTheStar, I share the raw, authentic narrative of an individual who defied the odds, evolving from adversity to triumph.


@checkthestarllc 2023